About Youssra's life

is an Egyptian actress. She has received many awards from regional and international film festivals. She has won various awards for her acting in Qobolat Masrouqa (2008), Bel Alwan El Tabeaya (2009), Heliopolis (2010) and Microphone (2011). She has also provided voice dubbing in Arabic for several films and television series

Yosra was born in 1985 to an Egyptian father and a Syrian mother. She majored in Political Science at AUC and minoring in Theatre and Modern History. She has acted in many AUC Theatre productions such as “A Silly Goose”, “The Sultan’s Dilemma”, “Sulayman EL Halabi” and the “Reader”

Youssra's Career

Her first experience in professional acting was in director Youssef Chahine's "Alexandria... New York" where she played the role of young Ginger while she was only sixteen years old. Many critics argue that having a movie by the legendary Youssef Chahine on her resume is a responsibility and should have other respectable movies to follow

"Of course that was a great experience I was 16 years old when I made “Alexandria New York” and my parents had to be very supportive, thank God they were. I decided to focus on my studies the four years that followed this movie but I didn’t mind taking a few looks at some scripts, unfortunately nothing was tempting. When I was offered the role in “Bel Alwan El Tabeeya”, I couldn’t believe that Osama Fawzy chose me when he saw “Alexandria New York”, that proves the theory wrong of when an actor is off screen for a long time he is forgotten. An actor is chosen if he fits into the role not because he is seen a lot on screens and I want people to choose me for that purpose not because I look good. I didn’t become an actress to be around flashlights, that’s not me; I act for the pleasure of it" >

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